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Glispa, A Tale of Navajoland
Glispa, a Tale of Navajoland
By Digital Circe
(woman to snake transformation)
Glispa was a girl of sixteen summers, blossoming proudly into a fitting example of Navajo womanhood.  Her eyes and hair were of the deepest black, like a pool that a man could become lost in.  It was in the early days of Navajoland, and many things which are had not yet come to pass.  
Glispa was the daughter of a hunter, a brave who provided plenty for his family, and for those in the village who were infirm.  This generosity made Glispa’s family respected, and her hand in marriage was sought by many suitors.  Glispa herself was graced with strong hands and strong eyes, and her art sang with the insight with which she imbued it.  
It was the time of the festival, and she brought maize, a fitting sacrifice to the White Shell Woman, who embraced the Earth with her seasons.  The youth of the village were assembling, bringing their gifts
:icondigitalcirce:digitalcirce 37 10
The Mouse and the Snake
The sun was setting over the meadow, and the sky was basked in reds and oranges. The shadows of the tall trees were stretching out and covering the ground. Soon, the night would grip the meadow and all the animals within it would have to hide. The little mouse knew this fact all too well, as it had been the owls cold claws that had taken her own mother. She poked her head out of her home and looked around. She was scared...terrified that within moments, she would hear the silent wings of death as the sharp talons of the owl caught her and carried her away. All other animals had all run for shelter...but she couldn't.
The mouse finally found the nerve to step out of her home and sniff around anxiously. She was indeed afraid...but she was also hungry. She hadn't eaten much that day, because the greedy badger, who lived not far away, had eaten much of the food near her home. She was starving, and she had to eat something...which meant going out at night to find food.
"Oh, please don't let
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 92 74
Twisted Rebels: Shedding Skin (TF)
The first thing I remember about the labs after they kidnapped me was the snakes.
There were all kinds of them, in the room I woke up in, kept in cages, hissing, slithering, watching me with their cool eyes, both dark and monochrome and bright and slit-pupiled, their tongues flickering in and out of their mouths. I’ve always been the kind of girl who likes the little devils, but the effect was creepy.
It seemed like something out of a villain’s lair, more than the reptile room at the zoo. Considering where I was, that was honestly probably the effect they were going for. It wasn’t until after I noticed the snakes that I realized I couldn’t move.
I could move my head, look around a little, but my arms and legs were completely restrained, and as I looked downwards, I realized it was because they were strapped, no, more like manacled, with iron bands to the chair I was sitting on, kind of like one of those chairs they make you sit in when they take your blood, but
:iconfaer-windstormfan:faer-windstormfan 60 19
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